The UK Ratings Agency seeks to encourage the rating of UK Businesses by their customers or clients

We are a non-profit organisation formed solely for this purpose

There’s been much debate regarding business ratings and their importance to a business over the last few years. Despite where you stand on the matter, it’s near impossible to deny the criticality of sites with business ratings. In today’s digital age where the internet seemingly rules over society, people are paying attention more than ever to what others are saying in the deepest, darkest corners of the web.

With a startling 91% of consumers searching for business ratings before committing to purchase, subscribe or invest, if you have a business, you should pay mind to online reputation management; which plays heavily into business ratings.

As you can imagine, most purchases and investments start with a search of some sort.

With 3.5 billion searches being conducted daily, you want to make sure that those who are searching for what you’re selling can find you with ease.

When it comes to Google, the more they trust your business, the higher your business will rank on a Google search. But how does one acquire such trust?


Simple: through the power of ratings


We offer you the chance to rate any listed business. No registration required. Just click from 1 to 5 stars.


We offer a completely FREE LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION which will allow you to have your own ratings page on and which you can link to with your own ratings banner

Our Enhanced Listing package allows you to upload your own business logo to be shown on your page with a full page description of your business, plus enhanced rating bar, address, phone and website links. These listings also pay for the administration and site fees for this website.

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