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Copyright registration with Copyright Services is the fast, effective and low cost way to protect your work from infringement and misuse, by ensuring that you always have date stamped evidence of ownership to protect your work and your rights.


Our service is simple and fast to use. All you need to do is register and upload your copyrighted documents. You can access/add/remove your documents whenever you like. For obvious reasons it is not possible to edit once proofed to us as they must retain the original date stamp.

Once registered with us you will receive your own personal Verification Code, which you may attach to your copyrighted works to allow others to verify you.

Our service is a stripped down service for those who need to get copyright protection FAST. We offer a register of copies of your work. If you need premium services (such as certificates by post), you will need to pay a premium provider for this.

Our service can be used to upload any type of file, whether it be audio, video, documents, photographs – there is no limit to the type of copyright material we accept.

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