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If you are a tipster looking to provide your own service, I can help. For a relatively small outlay I can set you up with your own website which you can customise and enter your tipping information into the Members Area. Your subscribers then pay for access by paying the membership fee set by you at whatever you deem appropriate.

The site Top Tipsters who offer a similar service say:

We will manage all your subscribers and pay you 60% of their subscriptions automatically. All you need to worry about is tipping!

Well, I personally don’t think that is much of a deal when you are doing all the hard work of finding winning bets. That is of course unless you can afford to give away 40% of your earnings on a daily  basis!

I use really simple but effective software to allow you to login and enter your tips whenever you like, and charge whatever you like for as many services as you like. So, what’s not to like I hear you say!

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